Updated May, 2007

The Cajuns are gonna LOVE this

(but Batman might not)

Dawn Marcelle is my name. When I started this Story, I was on the hunt for the Good Guys who came into my RODI office telling me that they were “looking for information.” I gave them the information they were looking for and have since been contacted by Special Agents, Secret Agents, Special Investigators, Private Investigators…..all claiming to be Good Guys. But here we all are, years later, and the cocaine keeps coming into Vermilion, the weapons are still being traded, and the MOB is still partying.

Bob Clayton (Robert A Clayton Jr.): Truck driver for Roadway Express Trucking and my ex-husband. If it wasn’t for Bob, I wouldn’t have taken a job at Rodi, so you can thank him for this Story. Since I trusted Bob, I would confide to him all of my suspicions and concerns about Rodi business practices. Then Bob would share those suspicions and concerns with Rodi and even implement his own brand of spin control. Because of Bob, Rodi always knew what I was thinking, what I was looking for, and what I was planning to do about it. This made it easy for Rodi to effectively manipulate my perception of the situation. Bob was furious when I wouldn’t sell my stock options in the Insider Trading Ring so he abandoned me in Abbeville. He wasn’t pleased when I made it home to Washington alive. Today, Bob is remarried to a Valley Girl with a plump bank account. I sincerely hope she had the brains to get a pre-nuptial agreement. Bob’s not that bright. If she’s smarter than him, she’ll figure it out and be okay.

Rodi Power Systems Incorporated was an off balance sheet partner of the Enron Corporation and a front company for the Vermilion MOB. Rodi was founded in Washington State and then moved their headquarters in the fall of 2000 to Abbeville, Louisiana, where they set up shop next door to the Chris Crusta Memorial airport. It was in Abbeville, 2001, when Rodi traded the Secret Weapon to Prince Bandar in exchange of the Royal Saudi “investment”. Rodi claimed to have several diesel engines in production through out Texas and Louisiana. Rodi used these false production facilities to launder money and hide the debts for Enron. In Washington State, Rodi spun off a subsidiary called Molectrol Incorporated, just one more front company which pretended to build fuel injectors for the phony Rodi engines.

Paul A. Horn: President of Rodi Power Systems. Paul, an ordained minister, is an important figure in Texas energy circles and has an extensive background in electricity deregulation. He traveled with Ken Lay several times to California and Washington DC during the spring of 2001. Paul also served as Vice President for Falcon Seaboard, a company that was founded by an ex-CIA agent, David Dewhurst. Paul worked for David, while David was the Lieutenant Governor of Texas under George W. Bush. Today, Paul Horn is the city manager for Alvin, Texas. When the city of Alvin introduced Paul on their website they claimed that “Paul Horn worked for Rodi Power Systems for a short time and only in the capacity of a consultant”.  Uhhhh, Who’s lying to Who?

Cryofuel Systems Incorporated:   Cryofuel Systems a Partner Company in crime with Rodi Power Systems. Cryofuel claimed to have prototype Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) conversion stations being tested in California landfills. They also claimed the LNG was being consumed by Rodi prototype Engines inside the Landfill trucks. Those Trucks were using Rodi/Molectrol’s “amazing”, high pressure fuel injectors. Remember, there were NO Engines and there were NO Fuel Injectors. You better believe there were NO LNG conversion stations either. When I was at Cryofuel headquarters talking to their Chief Engineer, Mr. Wade Doll, it was evident that Cryofuel was a faker, a pretender; they didn’t have anything except a whole bunch of SALESman pushing the Cryo-Scam. Cryofuel was a clone Rodi operation with Leland Fox helping out their “front”. THREE DAYS after I posted The Story chapter: “Skeletons in the Closet”, Cryofuel Systems finally took down their website. Ya think I might be on to something?

Dr. John Barclay: CEO of Cryofuel Systems, a Partner in crime with Rodi Power Systems. Dr Barclay has experience working with the Sandia Laboratories Crystal Technologies Department. He helped Rodi Power Systems obtain the right to use and manufacture Terfenol-D, a top secret man made crystal protected by the US Department of Defense. Terfenol was the key to Rodi’s Secret Weapon and Dr Barclay was an effective participant in the production of that Rodi SECRET WEAPON. .

Dr. Miroslaw Skyrzkowski: Co-Founder of Cryofuel Systems and another Crystal Technologies expert working with Dr. John Barclay. He goes by the name “MIRO”, but that strong Polish accent of his was hard to decipher for me, I called him Milo. Miro/Milo/Miroslaw was very interested in my experiments of creating a homegrown pulsed powered laser. Miro is still working today with Dr Barclay on a second generation SCAM called PROMETHEUS ENERGY. You know….PROMETHEUS….the rebel GOD who gave fire to the mortals.

Mike Gustin: Sued Prince Bandar in US Court with accusations of WEAPONS TRADING….DRUG SMUGGLING…MONEY LAUNDERING and MARKET MANIPULATIONS. Sound familiar? Mike Gustin knows all of the Rodi Players personally. He has his phony Rodi Stock certificates framed and hanging on his wall to remind him of his mistakes. He also has close ties to ABBY BROUSSARD and Abby’s Circle B Exploration Company involving Empiric Energy which was represented by Clyde E Skeen. Clyde is an important man in the Space and Defense sectors. Mike has his own long Story, check out the article: “Mirage in Morocco”. While Mike was suing Bandar, I was getting calls from Secret Agents telling me to SHUT UP! Mike has inside ties to the CIA through his spooky business partner, John Paul DeJoria.  Much much more STORY incentive hides inside the names of Sheila MacDonald , John Ehrman, and Judge Richard Schmidt of Corpus Christi….keyword: Stone Energy out of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Bandar: was the United States Ambassador of Saudi Arabia back when Rodi was around. Some call him Bandar-Bush because of is long and close relationship with the Bush family. I met Bandar in Abbeville at the Rodi facility. He told me he was at Rodi acting as an interpreter for his family. He was insulted when I referred to him as the chauffeur. Making sure that I understood his position as the boss when it came to his family, he told me, “I tell them what to do, and they do it.” His family left Abbeville with some lead lined suitcases that contained a mysterious, high-precision machined, sub-assembly, the Rodi Secret Weapon.

Charlie B Bright: CEO of Bright-Engineering, member of Rodi’s board of directors and just one more Rodi Man who built his career inside the Space and Defense sectors. Charlie was key in obtaining the Terfenol-D Secret Weapon for Rodi. He and Jon Garza are still a team working the phony fuel injector Front. Within a week after I posted The Story chapter: “Skeletons in the Closet”, Charlie Bright radically modified his Bright-Engineering website and immediately quit bragging that he could be hired to help you with your MISSILE endeavors. That was a year ago, and today, Charlie Bright is confident that he is untouchable from Justice for playing his part as a Rodi Scam artist and Weapons Traitor. He’s bragging again on his website….check out the cut and paste from the Bright-Engineering brag list:

    • Magnetostrictive transducers (Terfenol-D)
    • Missile live-launch flight test planning
      • If you don't have a blast .....

Jon Garza: Chief Engineer for Rodi Power Systems when Rodi’s headquarters were in Puyallup, Washington. When Rodi left Puyallup they spun off a subsidiary called Molectrol Incorporated where Jon took the position of President and Chief Engineer. Molectrol used the Secret Weapon fuel injector product to support another Rodi MOB front company. Jon and Norm Crosswhite nurtured the Rodi lie for several years leading up to the big inside trading cash out of 2001. Garza claimed he sold his Rodi stock options for a total of one million dollars at the expense of honest investors. After the inside trade cash out, Molectrol Inc. just faded off into the background. Today, Jon Garza is repeating History by teaming up with a member of the old Rodi Board of Directors, a guy named Charlie B. Bright of Bright-Engineering. In December of 2005, Jon and Charlie applied for another fuel injector patent. Not just any fuel injector, this latest fuel injector invention is using the same concept and the same Secret Weapon Material that Rodi and Moelectrol were using. Sounds like another “Inside Deal” in the making, eh? I’m constantly contacted by people who still have their Molectrol stock certificates. If you’re one of those people, I suggest you call up Jon Garza in Puyallup and ask him what his intentions are for this new Fuel Injector.

Randy Paul: Convinced many of his friends and family to invest with him in Rodi Power Systems. The used an investment broker named Larry Bradford who worked with Ray Leonard. Randy believed all of the Rodi Lies and thought he was giving good advice to his friends and family when he convinced them to invest. Randy Paul and Family came to Abbeville for the Rodi share holders meeting in the Spring of 2001. After the meeting they were all invited to a party at Abby Broussard’s house. At the party, some accusations of a Rodi scam were tossed around. That’s when Randy says the Sheriff of Vermilion warned him to “BE CAREFUL”. The Sheriff told Randy that “You’re in Louisiana now; we have our own ways down here”. Randy tells me that “it got real ugly”….threats were made from both sides. Sure enough, the inside traders stole Randy’s investments and so he sued the entire Rodi Board of Directors in Madison, Wisconsin. It would have been a slam dunk case except for one thing: Rodi’s President, Paul A Horn, hired an entire team of RETIRED WISCONSIN JUDGES to represent Rodi in the case. The State of Wisconsin set a new precedent where Rodi was concerned. The Judge presiding over the case handed down a Court Order to the Rodi defendants but Rodi ignored the order. They refused to comply. This refusal should have afforded Randy Paul a WIN in court…..but not in Wisconsin. The Rodi Power Scam Team made Wisconsin History when the case was thrown out of court. You should understand by now, there is an exception to Justice where Rodi Power Systems is concerned. Case closed.

Ro-Pel: Deputy Roland Peltier’s ongoing scam business. Roland's way to provide a service to Vermilion is by scamming through his company, Ro-Pel. When you pump a well, the rules say that the expelled black jack mud and oily water is supposed to be disposed of properly. Roland, through Ro-Pel, provides that service. He'll come to your well site, pick up the toxic mud, then he goes out to his camp at Bayous Tigre and digs a ditch and dumps the toxic mud on the ground. Not exactly a proper disposal practice but everyone wins, unless you count the rice and cane farmers next door to the camp. The Ro-Pel Toxic Waste Dump in Bayous Tigre had a crane and jack-up-boat that was used as a Dock on the Bayous. No body is ever going to question a Sheriff’s Deputy that is driving the Sheriff Boat while making deliveries between secret Dog-Houses and the Jack-up, either. First clue: You don’t move toxic mud in the Sheriff’s Boat.

Deputy Roland Peltier of the Vermilion Parish Sheriff Office. Roland rented out the house next door to his as living quarters for Rodi employees. Roland was easy to love, quick to laugh, and eager to share but he was a Broussard purist. He personally sent me death threats over the course of a year or more after I caught on to a hidden Rodi agenda. Roland was indicted on charges of RACKETEERING, Criminal Conspiracy and Securities Fraud for his participation in a scam he conducted with Raywood LeMaire.

Stephen Peltier: EX-Chief of Police in Erath, Louisiana. He is the brother of Roland Peltier who is the Star Scam Character of this STORY.  To spread the Joy, I give Star status to Steven in The Story chapter: “Erath, Erath Louisiana”. That chapter is still fueling the Vermilion Rumor mill to this day. Those Cajuns…I’m tellin’ ya, they sure like to talk and throw dirt. Boy wouldn’t my Cajun fans like to hear what their neighbors have been telling me since I wrote that chapter.

Dick Kinder: Ex-President of Enron. Dick was college buddies with Ken Lay and a guy named Bill Morgan. Before Dick resigned from Enron in 1996, he and Bill scraped up $40 million to buy some Natural Gas pipeline assets from Enron and started a company they called Kinder Morgan. Four months later, Kinder Morgan was worth $272 million. The Henry Hub in Erath, Louisiana, is the control valve to Dick’s wealth. The market value for Natural Gas gets set based on the volume exchange coming out of the Henry Hub. Dick was a frequent visitor in Erath, and he’d usually stop in at Rodi Headquarters when he came to town. Today Dick is the third wealthiest man in Texas, worth $15+ BILLION dollars. He was one of the original $100,000 contributors to Dubya’s first presidential campaign. Before Dubya was sworn into office, he appointed Dick to run his Energy Department transition team. I admired Dick’s humble posture and we engaged in conversation on several occasions in my Rodi office. After Dick gave me advice to participate in Rodi’s inside trading ring I lost all respect for the man.

Sheriff Raywood LeMaire of the Vermilion Parish Sheriff  Office. Many of the Rodi elite would fly their private jets into the Chris Crusta Memorial Airport. The Airport shared a fence with the Rodi Plant and the Sheriff’s Department patrolled the property. Sheriff LeMaire on several occasions would escort these Rodi elitists to the Rodi facility. He is an important man to the MOB God Father, Peidugh Broussard, for the obvious reasons. It was legend that if you ever crossed the Sheriff, you would be fed to the crabs at Raywood’s cabin in Freshwater Bayous. Go on-line and read the “Emerald Rap Sheet” to see how Raywood conducts business in Texas.

Mike Couvillion: Sheriff of Vermilion after Raywood Lemaire left office. Couvillion was the head Narcotics officer under Sheriff Raywood Lemaire during Rodi’s hay day. The talk out of the Masonic Lodge in Abbeville was that Steven Peltier would be the next Sheriff of Vermilion. Instead, the office went to Couvillion and Steven took the important position of Police Chief in Erath. People of Vermilion say nobody can beat Couvillion in the next election because….. get this…..Couvillion “tells good jokes”. Jeeeeeez, dontchya know his JOKE is on Vermilion.

Peidugh (Pee-doo)(Piru) Pahran Broussard owns a port in Intracoastal City called Broussard Brothers Dock. Peidugh also owns his very own island in Honduras. Deputies Kevin Fox and Roland Peltier of the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office Coast Guard Division would escort Honduran flagged ships from the Gulf of Mexico and into Broussard Brothers Dock. One of these ships were intercepted before the Coast Guard could provide an escort. It was full of cocaine. Peidugh and his son, Abby, were substantial investors in Rodi and had partial ownership of the manufacturing plant in Abbeville. Most of the Cajun Rodi employees claimed to be nephews of Peidugh. That’s sorta true, in the Cajun MOB culture, the “Godfather” position is called Pahran. So if you’re a “made guy”, you’re a nephew of Peidugh Broussard.

Abby Broussard is a silver spoon, the son of Peidugh Broussard. Abby himself was busted with a BARGE LOAD of drugs, headed for his Daddy’s Port in Intracoastal City. It was his Daddy’s BARGE, but Abby got off scott free unlike the other two smugglers on the barge that night. Abby was trying to make his own millions through Rodi to break that silver spoon title. Like his dad, he was pretty sweet most of the time. But when he got drunk… well, it was embarrassing. Abby has some interesting entanglements with a wild-catter named Mike Gustin. Abby also has control of a lot of “dog houses” on all those capped wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Those dog houses are used as exchange stations for shipping containers that are sometimes full of Oil Field supplies and sometimes full of Honduran “Goods” or other contraband.

Wlibert (Shoot) Broussard: Abby Broussard’s cousin, I believe. He is the owner and operator of Shoots Lounge in Erath, Louisiana. My fans say Shoots Lounge is the lowlife bar of Erath attracting the drunks and freaks of Vermilion. Wilbert aka “Shoot” has the reputation of a sexual deviant, half a dozen women have told me stories of his lude advancements like when he told sweet Kimmy he’d pay her a $100 if she’d let him “touch it”. If you don’t want money for the sexual exchange, well then, Shoot will offer you a variety of pills out of his private pharmacy. He’s a wimpy 110 pound creep who walks around with a billy-club in his back pocket like a wannabe tough guy. Most people in Vermilion don’t know Shoot’s real name. My guess is that he was forced to choose a nickname, think about it, wouldn’t you want a nickname if you had a big brother named Sterling? And your name was Wilbert?

Sterling Broussard: The big Brother of Wilbert/SHOOT Broussard so….I believe he is another cousin of Abby Broussard. Sterling has a hunting camp in Mississippi where the Rodi Scam artists met to plan the Secret Weapon Trade-off to Bandar. It was Sterling Broussard and Raywood Lemaire who hired Scary Shary Forrestier and her friend Mandy Richard to provide slutty entertainment for the meetings at the Camp. The Scam Plan Party was a Sterling example of Broussard leadership.

Clement Simoneaux: Also kown as Clem, The Monkey Man. He owned and operated a bar outside of Abbeville called The Oaks. Clem lived in the back of The Oaks inside a teeny camping trailer that he shared with a tiny Monkey. Clem and the Monkey used the trailer to move drugs, mostly cocaine. Conveniently for Clem, he was an official Drug Enforcement Agent with his very own DEA badge. Clem also has experience working for Raywood Lemaire at the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office with Deputy Roland Peltier. Clem has worked with Chief Steven Peltier at the Erath Police Department as well. Plus he has worked with the Delcambre Police Department. He has the ideal resume’ for a Vermilion Drug Dealer, but his resume’ doesn’t end there. Clem was the middle man for Raywood Lemaire’s blackmail ring where he took pictures of Scary Shary Forrestier with her unsuspecting “Johns” in the back room of The Oaks. Of course, if Shary was busy, Mandy Richard was always available to set someone up for the low price of a bottle of booze.

Scary Shary, Sheri Forrestier: Drug Dealer, Hooker, and on call tattletale for the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office. She swings from Straight to Lesbian like a professional Tarzan. These days, she spends a lot of time across the street from the Abbeville Sewage Treatment plant at a gay bar called Dee’s Lounge. Sheri is not the Vermilion victim I once thought she was. After she disappeared with Deputy Kevin Fox, I feared for her well being. Ends up that she was just fine while she “layed low” with Kevin for a couple years after the Secret Weapon Tradeoff. One of her most frequent Cocaine clients is the son of Hector Willis, Tee Hec Jr. So watch out Tee Hec, she’s a narc. Shary and her partner Mandy Richard had a falling out after my STORY hit the world wide web. Apparently Mandy was very worried that she’d end up getting named on this Dawn Marcelle line-up of Who’s Who in Vermilion extortion. Ooops!

Mandy Richard: Vermilion Drunk and child abuser. She’s owned several bars in Vermilion but drank all the profits. Mandy and Scary Sheri worked like a blow job tag-team for the Vermilion Deputies and their friends. Raywood Lemaire and Sterling Broussard hired Mandy and Sheri to give a live Lesbo show at the hunting camp in Mississippi where all the Scammers met to plan out the Rodi Secret Weapon Trade-off to Bandar. Of course there was plenty of booze pouring at the hunting camp so Mandy was happy to satisfy all of those Scammer boners after the Lesbo Show.

Guy Nerrin: Vermilion Sheriff’s Deputy alongside Roland Peltier and Kevin Fox. When Rodi was in town, Guy had the responsibility of guarding the Chris Crusta Airport. He actually polished his shoes for the special duty of being a lookout during the Secret Weapon Trade-off to Bandar. He spent many evenings on my back porch with the usual cast of Rodi characters. Guy was a member of the Abbeville Masons with Roland and Kevin and Steven. When it came to the Masonic Brotherhood, Guy was loyal to the core. Kinda like a Dog to his Master. Some people believe that my Story chapter: “Erath, Erath Louisiana” undermined Guy’s chances when he ran for Erath Chief of Police last fall, but  they got it all wrong. Half of the Erath voters wrote to me that month asking who they should vote for in their Police Chief election. My advice was the same for each voter, I said: “If I had to vote for Erath Chief of Police, I think I’d vote for Guy Nerrin. Out of all of them, he is the most likely to make a stupid mistake and bring down the Broussard House of cards. The sooner that happens, the better.”

Deputy Kevin Fox: Lead Rodi mechanic and Deputy Sheriff of the Marine Patrol with the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office. Kevin would help Deputy Roland by escorting Honduran flagged ships into the Broussard Brothers Dock in Intracoastal City. Kevin was intelligent and polite, but had a dark side. He would snap in fits of rage that scared the crap out of me and his German Shepard puppy. Kevin spent a lot of time with Deputy Roland while he was trying to learn the secret handshake for the Brotherhood of the Abbeville Masonic Temple. When Kevin left Abbeville in August of 2001, he took “Scary Shary” Forrestier with him as his Louisiana trophy. Kevin said he put Shary on the first flight out of Seattle, sending her back to Abbeville. Then he disappeared saying he needed to “lay low for a while”. Nobody in Vermilion saw Shary for at least 2 years after she left Louisiana with Kevin. She finally surfaced again in Vermilion leaving me to wonder if she had been “laying low” with Kevin. Before Kevin left to “lay low”, he paid cash for fifty acres of land that bordered a compound he and his brother Leland shared. More on that coming up.

Leland Fox: Rodi technical expert. Leland would do all the diagnostics of the Rodi engine and fuel injector. He’d collect the data and present it in a way that was quite believable to me. He and his brother, Vermilion Deputy Kevin Fox, own property in the eastern part of Washington State. A cabin exists on the property and it’s wired for security purposes with cameras, motion detection, the works. Leland (or Kevin) could dial up the computer at the cabin and drive the cameras around. If any alarms went off without definitive conclusion, Leland would jump in his car and make tracks for the compound. The cabin was lined with the same lead gasket material that Leland lined the Royal Saudi suitcases with. Some suspicious behavior of Leland’s: He owned about 8 different cars and drove them alternately. He would also change his appearance drastically at times. He’d have long-hair and a full beard wearing flannel shirts and jeans. Suddenly he’d be the clean-cut nerd in dockers and Izod sweaters. Then a funky mustache, leather coat, Elvis cool, Then… well, it gave me the creeps when I mentioned it to him and he answered: “I don’t want to be recognized.”  Leland worked closely with a Rodi scam Partner Business called Cryofuel Systems. Dr Barclay, the CEO of Cryofuel and Dr Skyrzkowsi were very involved with the “secret weapon” fuel injector.

Merrill Matlovich, Ex-CIA spy and sexual deviant. He was a pal of Paul Horn and Norm Crosswhite. Merrill was in charge of the Rodi web site which was a key ingredient to supporting the front of pretending to build several engines. He also administrated the Molectrol web site, which pretended to build fuel injectors. Merrill enjoyed bragging that he was ex-CIA. Several others in Louisiana also claimed to be CIAgents. Merrill is one more Rodi Man who built his career in the Space and Defense sectors. Check out The Story chapter: “Skeletons in the Closet”.

Byron and Sue Spain are man and wife, one and only’s, a cute couple. Byron was CEO of Rodi Power Systems and is a cousin of Rodi President, Paul Horn. Byron’s wife, (Gwendolyn) Sue Spain, was a member of the Rodi board. The first week I was in Abbeville there was a Christmas party at Byron and Sue’s house. This should have been my first red flag of trouble, instead I was totally confused. Why would Byron need goons patrolling around his house, sneaking around between cars, patting people down before they were allowed inside for Christmas cheer? The back door guard admitted to me that they were armed. At the time I simply assumed that was the way you had to take care of the Judges and State Representatives of Louisiana who were at the party.

John Mays: Manager of the Montgomery County Municipal Airport and the brother of Sue Spain, so, he’s Byron Spain’s brother in-law.  John Mays is married to Madelynn Mays who was on the Rodi Board of Directors. The Montgomery Municipal Airport was a short drive from ENRON Headquarters in Houston. The Abbeville Airport was next door to the Rodi Plant. Guess how many flights flew out of John’s County Airport headed for the Abbeville Airport back when Rodi was pulling off the Scam of the Century? Take a guess at who the passengers were on those planes? Did John Mays know the President of the Abbeville Airport, Deputy Roland Peltier? What are the odds?

Madelynn Mays: Member of the Rodi Board while working as the Vice President for Pro Bank in Conroe, Texas. Her prestigious position at the Bank nurtured confidence in the Rodi agenda and she sold the Rodi Scam on the basis of her prestigious position. She is also the sister-in-law of Rodi’s CEO, Byron Spain. Madelynn is married to John Mays who was the manager the Montgomery Municipal Airport while Rodi wrapped up the details of the Secret Weapon trade off to Bandar. Who’s using who, here?

Marshall DelCambre (del-cum) is Peidugh Broussard’s “nephew”, meaning he’s a “made guy”. Marshall’s sister is Adrienne DelCambre and Adrienne is Abby Broussards “other” girl friend.  Marshall quit his day job with Exxon to join the Rodi ranks as the Plant manager in Abbeville, Louisiana. He invested his entire retirement/savings into Rodi stock and he was a pretty happy camper when he cashed out. When Cliff Baxter would come to Abbeville, Marshall and Cliff would chase skirts all night long, sometimes with Abby Broussard. Marshall told us that Cliff had gotten loose lips, telling “Scary Shary” Forrestier more than he should have. After hearing that from Marshall, my reply was “too bad for Cliff.” Marshall answered by saying, “Too bad for Shary.”

Marcelle Long: Secretary in Charge at Rodi Power Systems in Abbeville Louisiana. She is Marshall DelCambre’s cousin, so, perhaps that means she’s a “made girl” or Peidugh’s niece or a liar, I’m not sure if there’s a difference. You will not find her mentioned in any of my writings except this paragraph. Marcelle wrote to me several times using the alias “Matt-Amazed-Long”. Finally she came clean and told me who she really was and she also accused me of trying to steal her identity by taking HER name. Seems a lot of folks in Vermilion knew of Marcelle’s participation in the Rodi Scam and asked her about it. I told her truly, that Dawn Marcelle is my given name and that she should be grateful that I left her out of this Story. She insisted that I was trying to assume her identity and she wasn’t happy about that. Jeeeeez. Dawn Marcelle is the only GOOD GUY in this Story, but those kinds of credentials don’t sit well with Marcelle Long. So make a note of it Vermilion, Marcelle Long is NOT a good guy, she’s a “made girl”.

Hector Willis was another made guy “nephew” of Peidugh Pahran Broussard, he claimed to be a “dirty shirt tail” nephew. Hector was the Rodi mechanics assistant and grounds keeper working closely with Deputy Kevin Fox. He sold his options early for $5,000 and bought a trailer for Tee Hec, his teenage son’s, family of four. Hectors words to me in reference to the murder of Cliff Baxter were, “I can’t believe what they did to Cliff.”

Roxanne Willis: is the wife of Hector Willis. Roxanne is one more Rodi “lookout” post. She wrote me a short note quite a while back and said, “Leave us alone! We just had a baby!” That was her message. She didn’t try to tell me they are innocent, she just wants to be left alone before she has to tell the Truth or otherwise go against the Rodi Code of Scamming Ethic.

Dave Marks: Ex-Vice President of Cummins Engineering headquartered in Texas, the same company that the Egyptian Rodi Chief Engineer, Joe Solimon, came from. Dave was the lead designer of Rodi’s non-existent high pressure fuel injector. He was the coordinator between Rodi and Cummins in regard to some high precision machining for the Secret Weapon. Part of Dave’s legacy involves a lot of Government contracts with the Military Industrial Complex.

Floyd Saunders: Rodi Salesman/Bookeeper. Floyd worked closely with Tommy Cormier of The Broussard Brothers Dock in Louisiana. Together they played a nutshell game with generator sets as a means to support one more Rodi front. The gen-sets were another key to laundering money, hence Floyd’s salesman/bookkeeper position. Floyd is from Kentucky and close friends with Peidugh’s son, Abby Broussard. Floyd and Paul Horn cornered me in Deputy Roland’s dining room after I refused to participate in the inside trading ring. Floyd said to me, “You better watch out, or you could wind up like Winston.” Then Paul added, “Yeah, we know some people who can get some real bad stuff. It can make you real sick.”

Norm Crosswhite: One of the original Rodi employees alongside Jon Garza. Norm wore a few different Rodi hats. One was as Rodi’s lead machinist. He was in charge of the Rodi machine shop in Puyallup, Washington, where he outsourced a lot of work that only happened “on-the-books”, as they say. That’s how you launder money, you understand. He also worked closely with a trucking company that moved contraband out of Peidugh’s Broussard Brothers Dock in Intracoastal City. Norm and the ex-CIA guy, Merrill Matlovich,  would pass the time bantering in perverted sexual conversations. Norm despised me. The feeling was mutual.

Steve Garman: Member of the Rodi Board, and later the President of Molectrol Incorporated which pretended to build fuel injectors. His legitimate paycheck is from working in the Space and Defense sector with Merrill Matlovich and Charlie B Bright. Steve’s Dad, Donavan, was a Rodi original investor. Don (Donavan)Garman retired from the Space and Defense sector and actually did design an engine. Rodi tried to make one, but only one single engine. Don Garman sold his son, Steve, on the Rodi pipe dream and Steve ended up betting on Rodi with the entire sum of his inheritance which was probably a handsome one. When Steve showed up in Abbeville, his words to me were that he “just wanted to get his money back”. He was pleased, so I guess he got it back at the expense of Randy Paul and many others.

Joe Solimon: Chief Engineer for Rodi in Abbeville, Louisiana. He came from Cummins, a company that builds engines in Texas. Joe was given the Rodi position because of his Egyptian background. Paul said that Joe’s Egyptian background was very important when it came to dealing with Bandar’s Royal Saudi family. Joe worked with Paul Horn and Marcos Lingeanni on the design of something that looked exactly like a missile. Joe spent a lot of his time laundering money by ordering gears and materials for Rodi’s non-existent engine.

Marcos Lingeanni (lin-sjhonny) was a Brazilian wizard in mathematics. He was working very hard on something, but it was never the “engine”. Marcos spent a lot of time whispering behind closed doors with Joe Solimon and Paul Horn while they crunched numbers on the design of what looked like a missile. Marcos was terrified of having to go back to Brazil. He said he was willing to do anything to stay in America. Marcos was always nervous, and looked kinda pale when I left Abbeville.

Winston Bennett: Rodi CFO until the fall of 2000. Winston confirmed the money laundering tactics that were brought to attention by Steve Meyers. He suffered mysterious health problems after refusing to co-operate with Byron Spain and Paul Horn. Winston is no longer walking the ground of this earth.

Steve Meyers  was a cool cowboy. He was Rodi’s lead machinist under Norm Crosswhite. Steve could turn any engine into a monster of powering thunder. He knew what he was doing and it intimidated Norm Crosswhite, so, of course, I loved Steve for that. Steve’s death was in the summer of 2000 soon after he was fired for pointing out some shady goings on with Norm through the machine shop. Steve’s death was just too timely and convenient for me to ignore the implications.

Mack Charles Gay. Big Rodi investor. He shared ownership of the Rodi facility in Abbeville with Peidugh Broussard. Charlie had big bucks after he was cashed out in a hostile take over of a trucking business that he had built from scratch. Charlie and his son were looking for promising investment opportunities and, of course, the Rodi lies looked pretty good. I had only worked at Rodi a week or two when I met Charlie and his son. Peidugh and Abby Broussard were also in Puyallup when Charlie and his son were there. The four of them met with Paul Horn, Byron Spain and Winston Bennett. Charlie was being asked to put up his money for the Old Fruit of the Loom Plant in Abbeville. But Charlie’s wife had just been diagnosed with cancer and he was under a personal duress, along with his son, I’m sure. They both balked at the idea of the plant and turned down the offer. About three days later Charlie’s son just simply died in his chair after supper. A couple weeks later, a haggard Charlie Gay put up his money on the deal. Months after that, Paul Horn told me how the cooperation of a particular man was important but his son was getting in the way so they “took him out of the picture”. Today the Old Fruit of the Loom Plant in Abbeville is called the Charlie Gay Memorial Building. Roland Peltier managed the property after Rodi evaporated. The building has recently been sold to a Fishy kind of business.

David Jeansonne:  CEO of OMNI Services was killed when his plane crashed near Intracoastal City early in 2001. Vermilion Deputies Roland Peltier and Kevin Fox worked at the crash site for days. The impact crater was huge and they had to pump the water out to get to the wreckage. The NTSB was not happy with the Vermilion Sheriff’s office after Roland gave them misleading directions to the crash site. They couldn’t find the crash site for almost two days thanks to Roland’s directions. Roland’s report claimed Jeansonne was flying upside down and made a mistake. Deal is, Jeansonne was a Cracker Jack Pilot, trying to gather a team to compete against the Blue Angels. Flying upside down would have been kindergarten stunts for him. Sure….the Vermilion rumor mill says Jeansonne was drunk the day he crashed, but that would not have been an option for a Cracker Jack. OMNI Services does a lot of business leasing helicopters and fan boats supporting Gulf Industry on and off-shore. When I started asking questions last fall about Jeansonne and OMNI’s connections to the Broussard’s, well….OMNI Headquarters received a bomb threat during my inquiries. My questions were never answered directly, however, OMNI has intriguing history with the Broussard Brothers Dock in Intracoastal, history with the Vermilion Sheriff’s Office and has also supported Mike Gustin’s off-shore endeavors.

Cliff Baxter: Ex-Vice Chairman at Enron. Cliff came to Rodi’s headquarters in Abbeville, Louisiana, many times and was usually in the company of Ken Lay. He would spend time in Abbeville carousing the bars with Abby Broussard and Marshall DelCambre. Cliff was normally laid back and had a happy demeanor until May 2001. When I asked Cliff why he was suddenly so blue he gave me a solemn look and asked, “What would you do if you were expected to go against your country?” Cliff was found shot to death just before he was scheduled to be interviewed by Congressional Investigators looking into the Enron scam. The investigative committee had suspicions that Baxter left Enron in May of 2001 because he thought “something was funny” and “wanted out,” said a congressional source.

Ray Leonard: Ray Leonard is a flashy investment broker out of California, founder of Manufacturer’s Asset Group. He would show up in Puyallup, Washington, with a parade of stretch limousines full of expensive suits wearing too much cologne. He was heralded by Rodi as being our bread and butter for finding investors with the big bucks. Ray would usually show up in Puyallup, Washington, as well as Abbeville, Louisiana, with Nancy Temple and a guy out of Portland Oregon named Tim. Ray did time in the California Penn for selling illegal stock certificates.      

Nancy Temple was an attorney for Arthur Anderson. She was indicted for questioning concerning her advice to start shredding documents that were connected with Enron. She invoked her fifth amendment right, refusing to answer most of the questions. Nancy came into my office in Abbeville, and asked if I would be wiring my inside trader funds off shore. She said that if I needed her to, she would set up an account for me in the Cayman Islands.

Tim : Business Partner of Ray Leonard and Nancy Temple. For a very long time, I believed Tim was the top energy trader for Enron in Portland Oregon office. Now, I’m not so sure. When Nancy Temple announced in May 2001 that she was pregnant, Tim led me to wonder if the baby was his.

Ken Lay: Ex-CEO of Enron. Ken’s private jet would land at the Coast Guard airport, next door to the Rodi Plant in Abbeville. Ken had arrived with a group of men who were waiting for Paul Horn in preparation to leave for Washington DC. I came into the room to use the fax machine and probably because I was a woman, Ken expected me to serve them their coffee. Which I did, obediently. The last time I saw Kenny boy, he was walking beside Paul Horn and Sheriff LeMaire while they gave Joe and Diane Albaugh a tour of the Rodi Plant.

Joe Albaugh: Head of the Secret Energy Task Force and the head of FEMA. His wife, Diane, was a lobbyist for TXU and Reliant, two energy traders who were accused of price gouging during the California energy crisis of 2001. It was Joe and Diane who escorted the Saudi Royals to Abbeville and then took a tour of the Rodi Plant while the Royal family wrapped up their “deal” inside Byron Spain’s office.

Wendy Gramm: Wendy was the Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) where she exempted Enron, TXU, Reliant and several other energy traders from Federal regulation. Then she stepped down from her position with the CFTC and five weeks later she joined Enron’s board of directors.  Wendy conducted a week long conference at Rodi headquarters in Abbeville, Louisiana, that included Billy Tauzin, Ken Lay, Paul Horn, Jeff Skilling, Joe Berardino, Andrew Fastow and about a dozen others. Paul Horn told me that he thought Wendy was “the smartest woman in the world”, and that “she made a lot of people very rich”.

Phil Gramm: Phil is a Senator (retired) for Texas, and Wendy Gramm’s husband. Phil sponsored a bill that was aimed at deregulating futures but left energy futures out of it. After extensive reviews, this bill was allowed to die quietly. Then Phil co-sponsored a new bill with his pal, the majority whip out of Texas, Tom DeLay. They gave their new bill the same name as the dead one but this time it included ENERGY futures. The bill was signed into law five days later. I only saw Phil one time. He went to dinner with Paul Horn and several other High and Mighty ones.

Billy Tauzin: State Representative for Louisiana was appointed by GW Bush as Chair of the House Energy Commerce Committee. He was close to Paul Horn, Ken Lay, as well as Peidugh and Abby Broussard. There were times that Billy came to the plant in the company of several Superior Court Judges being escorted by Sheriff Raywood LeMaire. NASA wanted to use the Port in Intracoastal City to test some new technology for tracking suspicious traffic on and over the Gulf of Mexico. I’m sure Piedugh Broussard was very thankful when Billy was able to keep NASA out of the Port.

Trent Lott is a Senator for Mississippi and was escorted by Paul Horn straight into Byron Spain’s office. Peidugh Broussard was at the plant during Trent’s visit. Trent drives one of the prettiest rides I’ve ever seen, but he has very poor taste in action wear.

Bill Frist is a Senator for Tennessee . I met Bill when I accidentally crashed a meeting he was having with Paul Horn late at night at the Rodi Plant in Abbeville. He was not happy about my crashing in, but he tried not to show it.

Dennis Kozlowski: Ex-CEO of Tyco. Dennis bilked his former company of 600 MILLION dollars. He and Paul Horn purchased “museum quality” art pieces from an art dealer out of Texas who brought those pieces all the way from Texas to the Rodi facility in Abbeville. Dennis came to the Rodi Plant several times and I had an ominous conversation with one of his partners. Keyword: DABHOL

John Rigas: Ex-CEO of Adelphia Communications is doing time with his sons for looting of the corporate finances. John fit the shoes of the proverbial dirty old man. The Rigas Family drove identical black on gold Lincoln Navigators to the Rodi Plant.

Bernard Ebers: Ex-CEO of Worldcom. Bernie wandered in and out of the Rodi plant many times and usually kept company with Byron Spain. He wasn’t looking real pleased when I left the South. Possibly, the information I tossed to the “Good-Guys” was already creating stressful vibrations in his high rollin’ life.

Martha Stewart: Martha and her entourage showed up in Abbeville, in a White on White Cadillac Escalade. She was supposedly a prospective investor but never even glanced at the engine. My friend, Theresa Peltier, had been polishing her silver for a week in advance of Martha’s visit. Theresa was disappointed when a chance to entertain the elite entertainer never materialized.

Joe Berardino: Ex-CEO of Arthur Anderson, the accounting firm that helped Enron and the others play the game of smoke and mirrors finance. Joe was a serious man doing serious business and did not appreciate my asking questions of him or anyone he was with. There was a close call when I came into Paul’s office without knocking and found Paul with Rodi’s Chief Engineer, Joe Solimon, conducting a very important meeting with Berardino and about five others.

Andrew Fastow: Ex-CFO for Enron. Andy personally formulated many off-balance-sheet partners at Enron for the sole purpose of hiding debt. He even named two of those partnerships using the initials of his wife and kids. Andy was not happy that the Rodi puppy had chewed up the cord to his overhead projector. I was in the conference room trying to fix the cord while Andy used the white board to illustrate the pyramid scam he built for Enron to Wendy Gramm and the rest of the power trippers (Um…no pun intended).

Michael Kopper: Former Enron executive plead guilty to wire fraud and money laundering. He also admitted to paying kickbacks to Andy with money he had earned while running some of the off-balance-sheet partnerships. Michael told me that all I needed was a hundred grand and his pal, Andy Fastow, could make me millions.

Jeff Skilling: Ex-CEO of Enron. He got quite upset with the Rodi puppy and kicked him. Jeff probably doesn’t know just how close he came that day to getting his lights punched out by Deputy Kevin Fox.

Batman of Baton Rouge: The Joker disguised as the Caped Crusader.  He called me up two years ago and told me he has “serious investigations underway”.  The last time I heard from him he told me: “No news is Good news”.  I thought that was a promise, but in hind sight it was surely a threat.

Batman of Alaska: Called me up almost three years ago, he told me he was closing in on a…..go figure…..”serious investigation”. He gave me the advice to BE CAREFUL. Guess that was another promising threat.

Batman of Washington DC: Called me up four years ago and told me to “SHUT UP!” because he’s got “serious investigations under way”. Hmmmmmmm. Sure he did. The same time he called me, Mike Gustin was in Court suing Prince Bandar with accusations of Weapons Trading, Drug Smuggling, Money Laundering and Market Manipulations. That’s pretty serious. Better shut me up before I can back up Gustin’s story, eh?

Special Batman of Lafeyette: Promised he would investigate The Story in serious terms. Then he had a heart attack.

Batman of California- called me up about four years ago, the most honest of the caped crusaders, he told me: “Yeah, we know all these guys are connected”. Yeah?,  I bet you do.